Class holiday dates:

Here are our holiday dates for 2024, where there will be no Zumba classes running. Be sure to pop them in your calendar.  Tracey and I are also wedding photographers outside of Zumba.  While it is rare (and we avoid as much as possible Monday-Wednesday weddings), there are a couple of these mid-week dates we are booked for this year, as shown below.

⭐️Wednesday 24th July (wedding booking)

⭐️ Summer holiday break four weeks from Monday 5th August (back Sept 2nd)

⭐️Monday 30th September (wedding booking)

⭐️Last class of 2024  is Wednesday 11th December

If the class holiday is not listed on here, then it’s running as normal – let’s party!

If in any doubt, check our facebook page or message me on 07769274440.