Jodie Horton-Stanley: Founder of Go Zumba® UK 

Hi, I’m Jodie and I must confess I am a Zumba® addict!!  I originally came across Zumba® while looking for an effective yet fun way to lose my baby weight after having my daughter Eden, I taught my first Zumba® class back in 2010 and have been enjoying the Zumba® party ever since.

I Love how Zumba® makes you feel on the inside and can transform the way you look on the outside too – winner!!  If you find it hard to get motivated to go to the gym or avoid fitness classes because you feel self concious, then our fun and friendly classes where no one is judged could be perfect for you.   If you take a look around a class you will see all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities but most importantly, you will see big smiles on everyone’s face’s and people having a great time!  That’s my passion, to bring people together and to make ‘exercise’ enjoyable to everyone.  We also have a great time away from class with our many social and charity events.  Our Go Zumba® UK crew really is like a big family and everyone is made to feel welcome.

I am professionally trained in dance and fitness and regularly take new courses to keep me up to date with the latest Zumba® moves and how to make your classes even more safe and effective.  Zumba® is for everyone, you can build up your fitness level at your own pace, even with existing injuries or medical conditions (please speak to me about any concerns before class).  

Zumba is part of a healthy lifestyle and to compliment this, Tracey and I have written the “Eat Clean Plan”, an easy to follow 28 day guide to getting started on you weight loss or health journey and how to maintain to maintain it for life.

Come along and wiggle, giggle,and shimmy your way to a new, improved you! I promise we’ll make you feel right at home.

Jodie xx

Let me introduce you to our fabulous Go Zumba® UK crew –  Claire, Nia, Selena and Tracey.  If you come to class you’ll see them setting up, collecting the tickets and dancing on stage (or rocking the dance floor) and helping out with our events.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!!