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“When I first went to a zumba class in February I wasn’t sure what i was going to or whether I would like it. I can gladly say i was hooked! I love the music and the dances. It has helped me on my way to losing 6 and a half stone so far and to tone up as well. Thank you Jodie for being a great instructor, I look forward to monday and friday evenings!!”
Rosemary Cook
“I love Zumba because no other exercise makes me laugh and smile through the whole hour! The atmosphere is fun and friendly and not only are you getting a great work out, but it’s also a really social way to spend your evening! Jodie is a fantastic instructor and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes.”
Claire Prewett
“I tried 2 other classes before Jodie’s & hers was by far the best, because of her energy & enthusiasm. I want to lose a bit of weight & get fit & zumba makes it fun not a chore. x”
Samantha Nelmes
“I started Zumba to try and lose some weight and get a little fitter. I used to teach Salsa so it was the perfect way to exercise for me. I tried a few local classes but then came across Jodie’s class and never looked back. She is the *perfect* Zumba teacher. None of the others I have been to hold a torch to her. She has a wonderful way of putting everyone at their ease, her classes are by far the most fun but not lacking on calorie burning in any way. If you want to burn some calories, get fitter and have fun all into the bargain go to any one of Jodie’s lessons and she will make you feel very welcome.”
Elizabeth Heathcote
“Was talked into trying zumba and really did not think it would be my thing but was so wrong! Was completely hooked from the first class and was lovely to see an instructor who puts so much energy and enthusiasm into every minute of every class. Thank you Jodie for making everyone feel so welcome, and I always feel better getting out of bed when it’s a zumba day!! xx”
Paula Perrett
“Exercising shouldn’t be this effective with this much fun – it feels like I’m cheating! After only 6 months, I feel fitter, am more toned, and have lost weight to boot! Jodie strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and being friendly and approachable, and the regular introduction of new music and routines, along with revisits to old favourites, keeps the classes from going ‘stale’. Love it, love it, love it!”
Sara White
“Jodie’s Zumba classes are the best, I had been to a number of different classes before finding Jodie’s and they do nothing in comparison. Jodie always makes the classes fun and has loads of good music on. Definitely more like a party than a fitness class… keep up the good work Jodie, I love your classes and will be back in the New Year!”
Emma Craythorne
“I lost weight but still didn’t feel happy or confident with myself, I had seen adverts for Zumba and finally bit the bullet and went along, since then I have never looked back! Thanks to Jodie and her classes, I have finally restored some confidence and continued to loose weight!  The energy, the vibes, the atmosphere, the moves, EVERYTHING about Zumba is amazing and am grateful to Jodie for starting this here in Yate!!! You are one in a million Thank u xxxxx”
Leesa Grove
“I came along to zumba to lose weight. Thought I would feel embarrassed and silly but thanks to Jodie I just love, love love zumba and have managed to lose 38lbs in 4 months. How lucky and thrilled am I to have found Jodie the best Zumba teacher.”
Julia Rushton
“I have managed to tone my core muscle to my idealise size and hugely aided me with my bad back!!! Highly recommended to all my friends and family. Even my own daughter thoroughly loves coming along to Zumba :0)”
Lalaine Brooks
“It is the only way to exercise and have fun ,great teacher, music and routines Jodie is interested in everyone of her ladies and always has a smile for us all”
Diane Clough
“I’ve tried loads of classes and this is the only one that even after a year I can’t wait to go to, its exercise but with the fun!”
Lorna Barrett
“Jodie you cant improve as a instructor your amazing person and beautiful to watch zumba love just need to stop getting ill so I can come to your classes keep up the great work im a much happier person now zumba has arrived it makes you smile xx”
Claire Pursey
“Zumba is a place where you can learn great routines to your favourite music have a great time and get fit without even realising it! Jodie is a fantastic teacher that makes you feel like part of the group and who has buckets of energy :)”
Michelle Foggin
“Great fun, creative choreography, awesome music, wonderful atmosphere, as well as toning major muscle groups and building stamina. Sooper Dooper xx”
Helen Kitzinger
“I absolutely love Jodie’s Zumba classes! From the minute I arrive until I leave I have a huge smile on my face. If I have a bad day I know that an hour at Zumba will get me back on track. It’s really brought me out of my shell  AND I LOVE IT!! It’s like being a part of a large extended family. I have made many new great friends thru going. it’s something for all ages, sizes and fitness. I would urge anyone to give Zumba a try.”
Cathy Jefferies
“I love Jodie’s Zumba Classes they are great fun with a friendly welcoming atmosphere. You get a fantastic workout which leave you feeling exhilarated. The dances are easy to follow with Jodie’s brilliant instructions. Makes you keep coming back for more!!!”
Helen Allen
“Jodie’s classes are fantastic, full of fun and energy. there is no better way to keep fit. Jodie’s enthusiasm for Zumba shines through and has rubbed off on us all. I look forward to every class,  it’s like one big party. Thanks to Jodie and her fantastic routines my confidence levels have grown!”
Kirsty Parsons
“I don’t do exercise. I run away from exercise. But Zumba is different, it’s fun, relaxing and you come out feeling amazing! I was hooked from the very first class I cannot recommend Jodie as an instructor highly enough. Thank you.”
Marie Lockett
“I only heard about Jodie’s class when the class I was going to was finishing. After the first class with Jodie I had so wished I had gone to her classes earlier. I have so much fun and have found an exercise class I enjoy and look forward to going to. I have met some lovely ladies who are now friends. Thank you Jodie. :-)”
Joanne Weeks
“Zumba with Jodie is the best! I have lost one and a half stone in eight months without giving up food! Jodie is warm and friendly making everyone feel at ease. Come and join the party. its great fun and isn’t a chore!”
Cheralynn Kislingbury
“I love Jodie’s Zumba classes. From the minute you walk in she greets you with a lovely smile and shows an interest in everyone. I have made some lovely friends and look forward to it every week. I feel happy and fitter when I leave. Thank you Jodie for making exercise such fun! X”
Claire Searle
“Jodie is the most fun and amazing Zumba instructor, puts a smile on your face every time 🙂 Zumba with Jodie rocks!”
Jo Mosely
“I joined zumba to help me overcome my panic attacks. it hasn’t always been easy but Jodie puts you at ease and greets you like an old friend. I would recommend zumba to anyone, especially with Jodie as the teacher. Here’s to many more fun zumba classes n nights out. Thanks Jodie xx”
Sallyann Lee
“I am totally addicted your zumba classes! I do a 38 mile round trip 2 or 3 times a week!! I have tried other classes closer to home, but none give me the motivation to keep coming back. You’re inspiring and so joyful, you turn an exercise class into a party, so that I keep coming back to over and over again!! I’m also losing weight and shaping up which can only be a great side-affect to having such a great time on a week night!!!”
Karen Read